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Chișinău-Moscova cât și Chișinău-Sankt Petersburg sunt două rute de transport pasageri și colete oferite de către Compania „Transeric Tur” S.R.L. Satisfacția unei călătorii plăcute alaturi de noi vă este garantata de experianța more | mai mult »

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TRANSPORT DE PASAGERI CHISINAU-MOSCOVA! Complet Comfort Siguranța!!! tel: 068395265, 078040372, tel:rus. +79262778962, +79258017360. Circulație Zilnica! Chișinău, Orhei, Singerei, Balti, Edinet, Ocnita…și în toate regiunile Moldovei! Dar si la Comandă pe orice cursa more | mai mult »

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Curse regulate / La Comanda (CHISINAU-ISTANBUL-ANKARA) cursa deservite cu Lux autocarele generatia Euro5/6 Mercedes Benz Travego, Setra 417 HDH (confort,siguranta, exclusivitate) Servicii transport profesioniste, calatoreste in maxima siguranta si comoditate cu autocarele more | mai mult »

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Compania Remol-Trans efectuiaza transport regulat de persoane si bagaje in TURCIA-ISTANBUL. Plecarea din Chisinau are loc in fiecare zi de duminca la orele 11-00.La Istanbul sosirea are loc luni dimineata la orele more | mai mult »

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Te gandesti sa mergi ACASA? Cu autocarele confortabile ale companiilor DORI&EUGEN TRANS si STIRBU TUR te reintorci si pleci la CASA NATALA, cu călătoriile in directiile jos numite iti reinoiesti cardurile de more | mai mult »

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Multi stimati prieteni si calatori, cursa Chisinau-Oradia isi preia activitatea din 10.06.17 din nou spre Oradia din Chisinau cu pornirea la ora 18:00, din motive tehnice doua curse nu sa circulat. In more | mai mult »

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Stimati Calatori pe data de 04,05,06 si 08,09-07-2017 la ora 14:00 la Gara de Sud per. 14 este plecare din CHISINAU spre TIMISOARA, ARAD, DEVA, ALBA-IULIA, SIBIU, FAGARAS, BRASOV ,ONESTI,ADJUD,BIRLAD HUSI doritorii more | mai mult »

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ALVERSTUR-Agenția TA de transport MOLDOVA- ITALIA-MOLDOVA ! Pornire din Chișinău DUMINICA ,Marți,Miercuri,Joi,Sîmbătă Pornire din Italia- MIERCURI,Marti,Duminică WhatsApp+37369259712 Transport pasageri Moldova-Italia-Moldova cu Alverstur   more | mai mult »

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  CHIŞINĂU – BERLIN (Germania) – CHIŞINĂU “LEDIANTA – TUR” vă oferă curse internationale cu autocare confortabile pentru Berlin(GERMANIA). Pornirea din Chişinău: Gara Sud-Vest”, ora 09:00 în fiecare MARȚI. Retur din Berlin: more | mai mult »

Util pentru călători! Verifică online care este timpul mediu de aşteptare în punctele de trecere a frontierei

În scopul susținerii participanților la traficul transfrontalier prin oferirea posibilității de a opta pentru un traseu cât mai puțin aglomerat, pe prima pagina a site-ului Poliţiei de Frontieră poate fi vizualizată o more | mai mult »

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,,LAVIAL” Transport de persoane și colete, (cu autocarul) Moldova – Belgia, cu tranzit prin Romania si Germania. Graficul de circulație este: Moldova – Belgia in fiecare Joi. Belgia – Moldova in fiecare more | mai mult »

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SUPER NEWS ! Comati PSG deschide agentie la Iasi

? : Ne bucurăm sa vă anunțăm că din 10 martie 2017 se deschide Agenția Comati PSG din Iași! Adresa ? Str. Strapungere Silvestru, nr. 11 D2 (în apropierea Gării) ☎️(+40) more | mai mult »


Category Archives: English, June 2017: Ilan Shor, moldovan businessman sentenced for role in $1 billion bank fraud. August 2018, Moldovan people are still waiting for Shor to start serving time in prison

CHISINAU – A Moldovan court sentenced businessman Ilan Shor to seven and a half years in prison on Wednesday for his role in a $1 billion banking scandal that nearly bankrupted the tiny former Soviet republic two years ago.

Known locally as the “theft of the century”, the scheme saw the equivalent of an eighth of Moldova’s gross domestic product disappear from three of its largest banks, including Banca de Economii, between 2012-2014.

An investigation into the banking fraud has identified around 40 people who either benefited from the scheme or facilitated it, but most of them have yet to be publicly named.

Shor, who was a senior executive at Banca de Economii at the time, was found guilty of causing financial damage of 5.2 billion lei ($1.26 billion) linked to the scandal. He denies any wrongdoing.

“Shor has never accepted and will not accept the ruling of the court – he gave a full confession,” Shor’s lawyer Denis Ulanov said after the sentencing.”He named everyone who stole money from the bank, he named everyone who received money in the form of loans from the banks,” Ulanov said, adding that his client would appeal against the verdict.

Another businessman and a former prime minister of Moldova have also been jailed in connection with the scam, in which money was siphoned overseas through dodgy loans, asset swaps and shareholder deals. The scandal triggered street protests and the International Monetary Fund and the European Union froze aid. Moldova’s leu currency plunged to record lows and inflation climbed into double digits.

more at :, Jun 2017 : „Boyars of impoverished Moldova”: Shor spent 150.000 dollars for a luxury holiday in the Maldives

Out of the billion stolen from the Moldovan banking system, 150,000 dollars went to the Maldives. Ilan Shor sent this sum to a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean where he flew after the theft was completed. Probably tired of work he has done, he went on a vacation with his family and friends. Among them – the wife of a former dignitary from Vladimir Putin’s team.

In November 2014, a few days before the “theft of the billion” operation was completed, one of Ilan Shor’s companies involved in the robbery scheme made two 150-thousand-dollar transfers to the accounts of an impetuous resort station on an island in the Maldives archipelago. In less than two months, at the beginning of 2015, the bankrupt banker’s family was flying for a dream holiday. Photos of that trip were posted on social networks by the wife of the convicted in the bank fraud case, Sara Shor, the Russian singer named on scenes as Jasmin.

The resort where the family was staying is considered one of the most expensive in the world and offers the most spectacular villas. Huge pools, outdoor areas, direct access to the private beach – a total isolation in a paradise. “Imagine the white sandy beaches and the turquoise waters, stretching as far as you can see – and that’s just the beginning!” – so the resort chosen by Shor is luring the rich clients. Far from the realities of Moldova. For example, one of the exclusive services that can be enjoyed today by the guests of this resort is the underwater trip with a three-seat submarine.

From the photos posted by Shor’s wife on the internet, it appears that the family opted in January 2015 for this variant of accommodation in the luxurious resort. A two-bedroom villa on the oceanfront with a large swimming pool and private beach exit.

(foto : arhiva, Jasmin şi Ilan Shor pe o plajă din Maldive,

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